Frequently asked questions

It will be possible to claim a crate of components on the day the Sukabenjā ship arrives in port. Its arrival date will be announced soon in our Discord.

Each crate will cost 0.05 ETH in the public sale. The whitelists will provide a discount on this price. More information can be found on our Discord.

There will be two whitelists. The most coveted slots will be awarded to members who participate and create value for our community prior to launch. Slots will be awarded by our Dev team and Mods. Join our discord for a chance to be whitelisted.

You will be able to claim different numbers of crates depending on your Whitelist status. More information can be found on our Discord.

Each crate will contain a random selection scavenged of components. It will be possible to create a full body 3D Mecha from the components in every crate. You will also be able to trade individual components on OpenSea and other marketplaces to build your ultimate mecha.

Once the project has minted your secret workshop will be activated. Here it will be possible to see all the parts in your collection and experiment with different component combinations – all in full, immersive 3D! Once you’ve built your full 3D Mecha, you will be able to ‘fuse’ and mint it as a final NFT. At that point, the mecha cannot be disassembled into its components. The tokens representing the individual parts will be burned, and a new token will be issued in the LAPIX Mecha collection.

The initial drop will include 170+ unique components, and sufficient supply to build 5,555 LAPIX Mechas. Additional, special components will drop with new visits from the Sukabenja ship.

Every collector will be able to build multiple Mechas in their workshop, as long as they have acquired sufficient components.

We will use the funds to expand our team, reward our community, deliver our roadmap, and ensure the project achieves our vision of being on the absolute cutting edge of Web3 and metaverse activation.